I Need Dental Work But Have No Money

When I need dental work but have no money in my pocket, what I have done is given below. Are you the one who has a fabulous smile but due to dental problems you can’t express it properly? Dental works are expensive, especially for low-income households and families.

Many people don’t have dental insurance. We have come up with great assistance if you do not have enough money and require dental work.

Poor oral health may lead to different diseases like respiratory infections, meningitis, dementia, and heart diseases.

Sometimes rotten teeth fall off and it can be a moment of extreme discomfort for an individual. But, the best news for you is that you do not need to skip your dental treatment as there is financial assistance and grants through different programs.

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Work And The Cost Associated With It?

You will come across different types of dental work and it completely depends upon the requirement of an individual. Some may want dentures and dental implants while others may suffer from tooth cavities or want tooth replacement. Let’s have a glance at different kinds of dental work and the average cost of it. You can look here for Free government grants for dental implants.

  • Dental Implants

Dental implants are done into the jawbone and it provides support to the bone for a couple of months. It is known to support dental prostheses like facial prostheses, Crown Bridge and dentures.

 It may act as an orthodontic anchor. The average charge for dental implants may vary from $3000 to $5000. There is bone grafting, tooth, crown replacement as well as abutment into it.

  • Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the process in which the damaged tooth is extracted or removed. Tooth extraction is done when the tooth is damaged or decayed.

The average charges of the tooth extraction may vary as per the condition of the tooth and nature. It may vary from $75 to $200. Tooth extraction is done to ready the patient’s mouth for orthodontic treatment.

  • Dentures

With the help of dentures, you can replace surrounding tissues and missing teeth in your mouth. The dentures are subdivided into two categories that are partial dentures and complete dentures. The process of a complete denture is performed when there are no teeth present in the mouth.

 A partial denture is done when some teeth are remaining in the mouth. The cost of complete dentures is high in comparison to partial dentures. The charges for partial dentures may vary from $650 to $2500. The average cost of a complete denture is $2199.

  • Other Dental Works

The dental works which we have mentioned above are the most common and advanced Dental work however there are various dental works flight cosmetic feeling teeth cleaning Root Canal Therapy teeth whitening Bridge work dental bonding and so on the charges of these dental work may vary depending upon the area in which you reside and the dentist

Which Dental Grants Are Available For Low-Income Families?

You will come across various dental grants provided by different sources like private organisations. The government also provides dental grants and helps people who belong to low-income categories like single mothers, children and senior citizens.

My teeth are rotting and i have no money

The dental grants will help you to get your dental treatments at an affordable cost. As per your location, you have to check out the eligibility criteria and the condition which you want to fulfil for the dental treatments. Let’s understand the dental grants and organisations which provide them.


Medicare is known to be one of the most popular Health Insurance programs for senior citizens and the disabled in the United States. However, very few people can get assistance from this as dental coverage is very limited. Senior citizens over the age of 65 years are eligible for this program.

The younger disabled people and the ones who suffer from the end-stage renal disease are eligible for this program. Let’s understand which dental services are available through this program.

What Are The Dental Treatments Covered?

You can get your dental treatment done under medicare only if it is an essential part of the medical condition which is to be treated. This means that if you are thinking of only dental work to be done alone then it is highly not possible that dental procedure will be covered.

If you have undergone an accidental injury and suffer from a damaged jaw then Medicare may cover the cost of the dental procedure.

How To Apply For Medicare?

  • Check out the website and go through the guidelines if you can qualify.
  • To understand all about the dental procedure you have to make sure that it is covered under the covered procedure. You can contact the medical office which is present in our state.


Medicaid is a Health Insurance program for the people who suffer from financial crunch in the United States of America. You can apply for this program and get your dental treatment done free of cost.

Legal immigrants as well as people who can’t afford dental treatment can apply for medicare. Your income must be below the poverty line. It completely depends upon the state in which you reside however in general you have to meet the following requirements.

  • You need to be a resident of the state you are living in.
  • You need medical assistance even if you can afford the charges.
  • Income eligibility is based on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI).

What Are The Dental Treatments Covered?

Your state where you reside plays a vital role when it comes to coverage. You need to visit your state’s Medicaid office to understand whether you are applicable or not.

Your dental treatment can be covered if it is necessary to prevent any kind of injury or infection. If the dental service which you are going for is cosmetic or to enhance the beauty of your teeth and is not medically crucial then it won’t be covered under the Medicaid program.

How To Apply For Medicaid?

If you do not have any kind of Health Insurance and suffer from financial issues then you can apply for Medicaid. It may happen that you don’t qualify depending upon your income however certain other factors can help you to qualify for Medicaid.

If you have qualified for Medicaid then you need to visit the Medicaid office in your state. You can contact the Medicaid representative of your state and ask whether the dental work will be covered or not. They may provide you with a list of dental clinics in your locality which accepts medication insurance.

How To Pay For Dental Work Without Money?

You can always work a little bit more to earn extra money for your dental treatment. But, if it is not possible then there are other options also.

There are a few ways through which you can get Dental Care and get your dental treatment done without money or very less money. Let’s have a glance at the few ways through which you can get dental work done without money.

  • Check For Coupons And Discounts

Various websites and daily deals come up with coupons and discounts for dental care services. They provide different Dental Care Services like invisible aligners, teeth whitening, braces and whatnot. This can help you afford the dental procedure and save you a huge amount of money.

  • Dental Work From Dental Students

Dental students always require experience before they graduate and get licensed. You can receive dental treatments from dental students in many schools. This will be done under the presence of a licence to the dentist at a very less cost.

  • Search For A Low-Cost Dentist Provider

Various dental providers provide services to people who suffer from a financial crunch. You can search for such dental providers who provide Dental Services at a reduced cost.

If you are the one who cannot pay the charges of the dentist then you may get it done from a free medical clinic. However, they have eligibility criteria and you must match them as per your income level.

  • Become A Part Of The Dental Discount Plan

By being a part of dental discount membership you can get various benefits and discounts on dental treatment all that you need to do is sign up for it and paste a certain amount of monthly fees to get benefits it is different in comparison to dental insurance you do not need to wait for a certain period to use a dental discount plan like dental insurance once you activate your membership you will get benefits and you need to pay less.

Final verdict :-

Dental charges may take a toll on your pocket as the charges are quite high. If you are the one who is suffering from financial issues then we have mentioned multiple ways through which you can get your dental treatment done at an affordable cost.

We have also been informed about different types of dental work which are done depending upon the condition the patient is suffering from. We thank you for being part of our article and we are always awaiting your reviews to improve yourself.

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